By now on this site, you’ve seen some of the spectacular, up-to-date photographs of California by “America’s photographer,” Carol M. Highsmith.

Some of them, and dozens more from every corner of the state, are available in California, a limited-edition, highest-quality, 265-page, hard-cover coffee-table book – the first and most stunning, sweeping keepsake of the Golden State to be produced in a decade.

California’s text has been written by the state’s most prominent and decorated historian, Kevin Starr. He is the author of an ongoing, multi-volume, highly honored history of California entitled "Americans and the California Dream."

The book's foreword has been provided by the Librarian of Congress, Dr. James Billington.

Carol M. Highsmith’s historic work in California, showcased in this important new visual treasury, represents the very best of a remarkable new Library of Congress collection, the first of its kind since Dorothea Lange and other documentary photographers took to the dusty roads of California during the Great Depression more than 75 years ago.

Highsmith’s expeditions are underwritten by a California company, the Capital Group, in memory of its late chairman, philanthropist Jon B. Lovelace, who was a prominent benefactor of the world’s greatest library.

You can order one or more copies of this substantial and alluring new book right on this Web site. California is co-published by Chelsea Publishing, Inc. and the Library of Congress.

California is more than an artistic statement by a gifted photographer and renowned California author. It’s a lasting collectible in the grandest sense, elegantly preserving California’s moment in time.

This stunning book’s more than 30 “double-page spreads,” 50 1½-page displays, 45 full-page photographs, and dozens of other Highsmith photographs taken from Susanville to the Salton Sea, and Crescent City to the Imperial Dunes, appear, not in some thin tourist guide, starchy compendium of essays, or miscellaneous assortment from photographers’ stock, but in a carefully bound, 265-page, 9½” x 20” volume that you will proudly own, display, and present as a lasting and memorable gift.

For a slight additional cost, you can even receive California in a handsome, custom-made gift box, suitable for holiday giving.

To order your copy (and if you like, four or more additional copies at a discounted price), select the “Buy Now” button below. It will take you to the Order page, which explains your purchase options.